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Our Story

Blackberry Confections LLC is a home-based dessert 
company specializing in on-the-go cake cups, cupcakes, traditional dessert cakes as well as special occasion cakes!


Inspired by a family of bakers, I aim to provide the ultimate dessert experience you could ever imagine. The richness of our cakes is deeply rooted in the tradition of baking with family and love. 

As a self taught baker and marketing specialist, my goal is not only to provide a visually appealing product but one that has a top notch taste that is sure to satisfy the palate of all those who love cake! My delicious creations reflect my love for a moist cake that has just the right amount of sweetness. 

I look forward to serving all those who have a love for an outstanding dessert experience!!!!! 


Kennetha Peebles, Owner

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